Fall Favourites

Since I’m no beauty expert I asked my sister (who is my go to for all things makeup and skincare) to share some of her favourite products for fall with you guys! Here she is:

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; I love the colourful leaves, the sweaters and scarves, the returned social acceptance of piping hot beverages. One thing that I do not love about Fall is what it does to my skin. The dropping temperature and moisture levels bring out the worst in my skin, inducing irritation, sensitivity, dehydration, and dryness. I’ve listed some of my tried and true products that I know I can rely on during Fall to rebalance my skin.


La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra
This product is great for any type of sensitivity, eczema included. I suffer from eczema on and around my eyelids, which is a really tricky location to treat, as many eczema specific body and face creams have ingredients which shouldn’t come into contact with the eyes. This product is an all-year favourite for me, but even more so during Fall, as the changing weather wreaks havoc on my sensitive skin. The lotion has 15 listed ingredients, and is free of preservatives, parabens, fragrance, alcohol, colorant, and lanolin. The pump-style container also keeps the product really hygienic, reducing the risk of contamination. You can pick this up at most La Roche-Posay retailers, as it’s not a France specific product like some of my other favourites. unnamed-2
LUSH Ultrabland
Sensitivity is my main concern with skincare, as well as occasional breakouts that depend on whether or not I double cleanse. Ultrabland is a great balm cleanser, as unlike other products I’ve tried, it doesn’t irritate my eczema, and completely works off makeup and SPF (which I apply daily, as should you!) The Lush website directs you to apply a quarter sized dab to the entire face in circular motions, then remove with a warm washcloth. With this product, the washcloth removal is ESSENTIAL. Just using water does not remove the balm, and doesn’t work the product well enough. When used properly, this cleansing balm is incredible. Because Ultrabland is a Lush product, the list of ingredients is obviously wonderful, with mainly natural ingredients like honey, rose water, beeswax, and almond oil, all very soothing and balancing ingredients. You can pick this beauty up at your local Lush store, or order it online.


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
It is still essential to exfoliate, no matter what your skin type is, as exfoliation aids in the renewal and natural shedding of skin cells, and helps with congestion and dullness. this mask is both a physical and chemical exfoliant, and based on application you can favour one over the other. I am personally more interested in the chemical exfoliation that the pumpkin enzymes and alpha hydroxy acid provide, as a physical exfoliant like the aluminum oxide in this formula can cause a product to be far too abrasive on the skin with incorrect application. The product instructs you to apply it to the skin and massage it in, then let it sit between 3 and 7 minutes, depending on sensitivity. I find having a good exfoliant in your repertoire is extremely beneficial with the changing seasons as skin is usually much more congested because of the dropping temperature and moisture levels. This product also smells like pumpkin pie, so when I use it during fall it just adds to the seasonal cheer. Peter Thomas Roth products are available at Sephora in stores and online.
BITE beauty maple agave lip mask
My lips are another area that really dries out come fall, and this lip mask is incredibly hydrating and the thick texture provides a nice barrier between your lips and the changing temperatures of fall. The agave lip mask is a core product at BITE Beauty, with the maple version being specific to Canada. The brand promises natural and food grade ingredients, meaning you won’t be ingesting any noxious nasties. The agave lip mask comes in a few different flavours like natural, champagne, and smashed, and is available at Sephora in stores and online.

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