A l f o r n o 

This week’s post was originally supposed to be about all black outfits (that will still be coming soon) but after my lunch at Alforno this week I knew I had to switch things up.


  Alforno recently opened up in Eau Claire and to say it is #restaurantgoals is an understatement. The interior is the perfect combination of chic and cozy. Marble and rose gold details along with some amazing light fixtures give it a very modern restaurant vibe. By pairing this with a fire place and some plush couches they managed to create an incredibly beautiful and inviting space.

On top of having nailed the interior design aspect, the food was delicious. I stopped by for a late lunch with my cousin and we both opted for a salad (so we could indulge in some of their amazing looking desserts). I had their caesar salad and butternut squash soup, which I would highly recommend, and topped it off with a Cru Juice. We finished off our meal with a sampling of their macarons.

My cousin went back the next day for brunch and said it was just as amazing as our lunch the day before, so I can say with certainty that I will be heading back very soon. I think I might have just found my new go-to restaurant in yyc!



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