So apparently June is almost here (how that’s even possible I’m not sure) but that means Stampede is only a couple weeks away! Check out below some of my favourite ways to get Stampede ready as well as some new methods I’m dying to try out this year.

  1. Spray Tan: Lets face it, nothing can help you look and feel better faster than a good tan. If you haven’t had time to fit in all those extra spin classes you were planning before Stampede then this is a great alternative to hide any little imperfections before bringing out your denim cutoffs.
  2. Cowboy Boots: Whether you need to get yourself a pair of new boots or repair the damage done from last years events it’s time to get your boots shined up and ready to go.
  3. Teeth Whitening: Whether you’re getting together with friends or heading to one of the big tents, odds are you will be appearing in more photos than usual so now is the perfect time to brighten your smile.
  4. Skincare: 10 days of partying can be VERY hard on your complexion. Leading up to Stampede I like to start adding in a couple extra hydrating/brightening masks to give my skin a boost before the festivities begin. This will help to keep your skin from looking dull as the week goes on.
  5. IV Drip: Great news! A brand new IV Drip Lounge has opened up at Bronze Baxx on 4th Street just in time for Stampede. Not only can this procedure leave your skin glowing and have you feeling your best, it is also an amazing way to cure a hangover. Apparently, they work even better if you get them before drinking rather than after, so if you’re looking to avoid your usual Stampede hangover pain then this is definitely for you.  *call in to book your appointment

I’d to hear some of your favourite ways to get Stamoede ready!

xx lo


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