Stampede Essentials 

 We’ve got the first weekend of Stampede under our belts here in Calgary but since there are still 8 days left I wanted to share with you guys my purse essentials for any type of festival or Stampede outing. Check them out below!

1. Cross body bag: There is nothing more essential for a festival or the Stampede than a good cross body bag. Since these events usually involve long days the last thing you want to be worrying about is carrying a tote around for like 12 hours.

2. Sunscreen: Since many of the events involved in any type of festival start during the day this one is key. The chances of you getting a burn on your face are pretty high if you’re outside all afternoon and no one likes a weird sunglass tanline.

3. Sunglasses: Along with the need for sunscreen during day events comes the need for sunglasses. No one likes to spend their entire day squinting (not a cute look in pictures) so I always have a pair in my bag when I head out. Side note – find a cute cheap pair to avoid the heartache of losing/breaking your favourite designer sunglasses during a day of partying.

4. Lipstick/Face Powder: Space in my purse is usually sparce when I head out for Stampede events but I always make sure to pack a few makeup essentials. I try to always bring some face powder and lipstick (possibly lip liner as well) because at some point during the unusually long day of activities you’re going to want to do some touch ups.

5. Phone case: As we all know at festivals, and especially Stampede, drinking is involved. This drinking often leads to dropped phones and broken screens. Do yourself a favour and pick up a phone case before you head out for your event. I always have one when I go out and it has saved my phone from some potentially fatal falls.

What are some of your festival and Stampede essentials?

xx lo


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