Choker DIY

I love nothing more than when pieces in my wardrobe can be worn multiple ways. This happens fairly often with clothing but I would say finding jewelry pieces that can pull this off is fairly rare. Since my obsession with chokers is only growing I was thrilled when I realized that some of the jewelry I already owned could be very easily turned into my new favourite style. Check out some very simple tricks below to find out how two pieces of jewelry you probably already own can be transformed into Fall’s “It” necklace. 

We’ll start with the easier of the two transformations. All you need is a wrap bracelet that, when stretched out, is long enough to fit around your neck (seriously it’s that simple). My double wrap version from QUINSCO made for the perfect delicate choker with its thin, flexible strap and silver detailing. PS this QUINSCO version also looks amazing layered over a velvet choker. 

The second way to transform a necklace into a choker takes a LITTLE more effort but is still incredibly easy to do. All you need is a longer chain necklace (this works best if there is a pendant or decorative piece on the necklace versus something plain) and a safety pin. Simply fit the necklace around your neck and feed the safety pin through the chain to act as the clasp. Unless you find a small pin or one that matches the colour of the necklace you will want to leave your hair down for this style. I used my Chloe necklace version from Dawn Day Jewelry for this look. The chain makes this DIY super easy and the gold detail makes for the perfect embellished choker.  

Do you have any DIY tricks for wearing your jewelry multiple ways? I’d love to hear them!

xx Lo



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